Our Story



I'm Stephanie. My husband Jonathan and I own this little shop and we are so happy you're here. Jack Matthais is our first baby and our inspiration. Since we opened the shop in 2020 we've also welcomed baby brother Quinn to the family!

While preparing for Jack's arrival I dove deep into the world of baby and kids products. I wanted to find unique baby products that fell in line with our family's values.

Our family believes strongly in three things: Supporting small businesses. Being friendly to the earth. Supporting causes close to our hearts and giving back when we can.

When Jack was born and the new parenthood fog cleared I started sharing my finds on my business blog - which quickly transformed into a family blog. In the midst of sharing and shopping the idea of Chicke was born. I wanted to create a space where parents could find baby and kids products that they could feel confident in.

Chicke is our collection of baby and kids products that you will feel good about. The brands we carry have done the hard work of creating these products and we have had the joy of bringing them together in one place for you.   

One of our goals is to highlight reasonably priced, earth friendly alternatives to many common baby and kids products to encourage more people to shop small. 

Opening a storefront in the town that I grew up in and love so much really is a dream. Thank you for making this possible. Your support has been incredible. Your kind messages have been the best part of my days. 

We appreciate you! 

- Stephanie, Jonathan, Jack & Quinn