Pastel Earth and Natural Stacker

Designer: Raduga Grez

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The natural pyramid is a breakthrough in sizing research. Children often remember how to assemble a pyramid simply by color, not by the size of the discs. This pyramid will help you learn exactly the dimensions, and the colored details will give you a hint. It's much more interesting to play this way!

You can come up with dozens of games with it:

  • Collect from more to less and vice versa
  • Lay out on a plane
  • Build pyramids without a pin
  • Play as if the discs are boat houses
  • Use as a stencil when painting
  • String on a rope or ribbon and unwind
  • Place beads in the holes

The good thing about the pyramid is that children quickly learn to play with it on their own. Let the child tinker with the pyramid while you are preparing dinner or hanging the laundry after washing - good for him, free time for you.

Raduga Grëz, which is the Russian translation of ‘Rainbow Dreams’, is a family owned company of third generation toy makers in Russia. The heirloom quality toys are hand made using sustainably sourced lime wood and finished with natural water based paints. Each piece is un-varnished with a velvet soft finish and made without the use of plywood or glue.